Kickass Quotes Proves Why You Need Digital Marketing

Being a digital marketer its a pain on ass to make an orthodox businessman understand the value of Social Media and digital marketing for their business. But on a serious note I wanna share my view why exactly Digital Marketing is equally important for your growth. Without it you will stand no where. When people can’t find you online they will not come to you offline. We young generation wants need more and more info, as we are smart. If you socialize we treat you as friend and buy your product and service even more. If you hide yourself within your confined area, your growth will be confined. Explore more, shout more. Hope you have heard that “80% of success is what you show, 20% what it is.”

Social Samachar By Deboshree




 1. yes that’s true

Digitial Marketing
Need Digital Marketing

 2. Why you know them?


3. Yes you are paralyses


4.Brand connect emotionally


5. Be visible


6. Want goodwill


7. Who made him famous? Twitterati 😛


8. Advertise Advertise


9. Generate trust


10. Globalization SEEV6675

11. SEO


12. Success


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