Doggos are the best creation of God! There are so many type of doggos that exist on this planet but they have one thing in common- that’s their unconditional love for humans! No matter what they does/do, they are still pawesome.

Find 12 adorable not-really-guilty dogs below:

1. That evil smile!

He is not even remotely sorry!

That evil smile!

2. Oh Really?

Now you guys don’t need to open the door every time.

Oh really?

3. Oh god! That face! Hahaha!

Huskies are the favorite. But he is me as a dog!


4. Doggos will be doggos!

Don’t be mad at me cause the cat did it. You may clean it then take me out for a walk.

Hello owner!

5. Plants? What are plants?

I was just trying to plant plants, but the plants didn’t cooperated.


6. I don’t think it’s messy!

This is more comfortable than the stupid pillow you had. No need to say thanks now!

Not sorry!

7. Thug life of a doggo!

What a rebel dog!

Thug Life!

8. Did you saw the lipstick?

I didn’t even know you had a lipstick. What’s a lipstick though, mom?

Caught pink-faced!

9. That face!

I ate that because it was food. Now, you may leave, I have chosen a new owner.

Look at him!

10. Prove it first!

What evidences you have to prove me guilty?

Angry doggo!

11. Insufficient space on your device.

Just giving you free memory space, you don’t need to thank me!


12. Exploding pillow!

There was something explosive inside this pillow mom!

Hufffff!! Smart doggo!

I just can’t be mad at any of these doggos or puppers. They are just so adorable!

People who own a dog are just so lucky, treat them the best because they deserve it.

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Image credits: Google.