Bengali People Are Simplest

I am not exaggerating about Bengali people and their culture, but there are few things that make me feel proud about, being a Bengali. Like I have been there in different places in India as my father have a transferable job, he is in defense service, so I have spent my life around different cultures and have friends from different states, but at the end which attracts me towards itself is only the Bengali culture. Bengalis are simple people, they are not extravagant  like others, we are not “Kanjus” actually we are simple and love simplicity a lot. Even our NATIONAL ANTHEM is written by a Bengali, by none other than Rabindranath Tagore. We are simple people who love to keep the simplicity intact with time. We love our mother-land and language so much that we keep it safe within our hearts. <3

1. They love Reading & Writing as well.

Bengali people are born book worms when it comes to novels, they have their own small library which consists of awesome novels collections and journals. Bengali people are born writer, almost every Bengali guy or girls love writing poetry and stuff. Some Bengali legends in the field of literature are Rabindranath Tagore, Madhusudan Dutta, Nazrul Islam, Sarat Chandra Chatterjee, Berankim Chandra Chatterjee, Upmanyu Chatterjee etc., they are simply awesome.

Bengali People
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2. Bengali People Are All About Emotions

Well, Its tough to admit, but Bengali people are so damn emotional. A Bengali girl or a guy will understand you more emotionally every time than others will do, they have a soft heart as well as are best partners. You are very lucky if you have one Bengali friend in circle, and if you have a girlfriend or boyfriend who is a bengali, then you are lucky enough. They are Romantic people and know how to love well !!

Emotions :) :( :P :D
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3. They Enjoy Every Moment & Makes It Special

Bengali people are fun-loving in nature , they love fun gathering with friends and family. They enjoy every moment, sing-dance, play guitars & what not. They have good voices so they became the special guest of the event ! 😛

Fun loving
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4. We love Food

Bengali loves food , if you visit Bengal you can explore variety of food over there, which is so damn tasty and awesome believe me! Fish-Bong Connection, is a myth,  we love Luci-Alur Dom too ! From tasty sweet dishes like payesh to rosogolla, everything is awesome. I visited many places in India and have friends from almost every state, also have tasted every kind of food, but I just love Bengali food. Starting from veg to non-veg, they nailed it with perfection in matter of Food ! Bengali food are backbones to Bengali society.

Bengali food
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5. Very Simple In Nature

They are very simple in nature when you see them, their clothing & their culture,  its so simple. When you visit a Bengali family, they will treat you as their own son or daughter, they are so affectionate and caring ! You will just love the hospitality provided by them. They are light-minded and joyous people.

Very Simple Nature
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6. Parents / Brothers Are Cool Enough

Unlike other regions or states in India where parents and brothers are overprotective as well as kind of conservative in thoughts. Kids fear to share their views and life with family or introduce their loved ones. But BENGALIs are liberal-minded people, they don’t bother about castes, rituals, at least not in the time of marriage. 😛

Cool Family
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7. Bengali Girls Are Naturally Beautiful

Bengali girls are naturally beautiful and are perfect combo of beauty with brain. They hardly emphasis on Makeup for their upper beauty. Bengali girls are epitome of beauty, they are intelligent as well as independent.

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8. Not Every Bengali Have Constipation or Amasha

We are Bengali it doesn’t means we have Constipation or Amasha. After watching movie Piku , people become so judgmental about Bengali that we have constipation. LOL !! It’s not the truth, we are having a good incoming-outgoing system.

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9. Some Famous Bengali personalities Yet Simple

Some famous Bengali personalities who are really talented but lead a simple life unlike other celebs who throw tantrums all the time. Sabyasachi, that person, he is so simple in real life. When you type his name on google you can see his work all over not him in lime-light, SABYASACHI is one who is known by his work, but not lime-lighted himself much, it is simplicity of a Bengali. 

You can also see SATYA PAULPranab Mukherjee, Rani Mukherjee, The great Kishore Kumar,  the great Satyajeet Ray,Bipasha Basu, Shreya Goshal etc.



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We love to keep our culture alive doesn’t makes us feel outdated at all.