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WOWFLIXX: Our blog is all about what the readers would want and love to read. Our blog is very informative as well as entertaining for all age groups, basically emphasized on the betterment of youth and our society. Our blog provides all genre of reading including lifestyle, beauty, entertainment, fashion, technologies, gaming, gadgets, movies, celebrity, trending, and everything else. Our blog is open for everyone, anyone can share their piece of writing with us and we will feature that piece on our blog for sure. Promote us as we promote you!



DEBOSHREE BISWAS: I am a Bengali Girl from Kolkata, I have completed my Bachelors of Engineering in CSE in 2013, and now I am working as a Digital Marketer and I am currently living in Delhi with my family. I love writing and photography. In free time, I love writing blogs and journals.



DIPA BISWAS: Journalism student with some good writing skills. I love animals, clothes and travel. A fresher print model and I love getting clicked. Totally into English pop.


SHAMIM AHMED: Hardcore DELHITE. Tech Freak, XDA lover. Listen to, in fact love to listen to LINKIN PARK and EMINEM. Loves to hangout with friends and also love adventures. Crazy For Gaming, Android and Technology.



ABHISHEK DAS: I love my camera the most. A real time photographer and cinematographer. Football, GoT and Travel are like a second form of oxygen to me. I like to write too.



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