I know what you are dealing with right now and I am always here for you. I can’t even imagine that but I know exactly how it feels. Your emotions are quite messy right now but you know, I know, we all know that death is the only sure thing in this world. We all will die one day.

It’s all about the beautiful memories you have spent with her. Think about them, her life was very short, I know, but she is gone now that can’t be reversed but I am sure of one thing, she wants to see you happy. She is in peace now. Nothing can force you to be happy, take your time and think about her (but mostly about the good times, please.) I know you have made long term plans but life is uncertain for all.

Sometimes all the medical knowledge can’t solve the problem- the illness, it can’t always save a life. But you know that they tried their best and she did too. She was a fighter but she was too little and weak to fight to the death.

The days she spent with you were hers and yours best days, don’t you agree to that? Always remember, you have given her a beautiful life, no matter if it was short or not. You gave her everything she deserved and liked from the best treats to the best toys, everything. It wasn’t your fault, you did what you could.

I know we all wanted her to survive this illness but she lost this fight. She will always stay in our memories. I could not even meet her once and that is the biggest regret.

We all love her and I know she loves us too. I just want you to feel a little better, maybe?



Love you. 🐶