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Bigg boss
Bigg boss 9 Grand Finale

Last night Bigg boss 9 Grand Finale 23rd January 2016, started with Mouni Roy hosting the show. Meanwhile Salman Entered and the show begins. It’s a total entertaining and most controversial show that comes to engage the audience every year. Prince won the show finally.
It is Prince Narula who has developed as the sovereign of Bigg Boss 9. The hunky man beat Rishabh Sinha, Mandana Karimi and Rochelle Rao to rise champ and stash the prize cash.
Offering him intense rivalry was Mandana, Rochelle and Rishabh Sinha. Rochelle was the first to be removed trailed by Mandana and Rishabh both of whom rose as the second and first runners up individually.

By sources, here are the last voting figures:

1-) Prince Narula – 35,18,909 Votes

2-) Rishabh Sinha – 34,01,889 Votes

3-) Mandana Karimi – 32,67,008 Votes

4-) Rochelle Maria Rao – 27,56,708 Votes

Here’s the reason this season was a giant dissatisfaction for somebody who saw Bigg Boss as the Baap of all reality appears!

At the beginning, I will make a legit affirmation. Of all the truth appears on TV, I like Bigg Boss the minimum. It’s not because of the disputable way of the substance yet basically in light of the fact that I discover it to a great degree claustrophobic. The thought of individuals being squatted in a house with the unwritten rule of making tehelka ordinary is not something that energizes me.

I have companions, who have, and do religiously take after the appear, invest hours talking about it on the telephone and in this time, whatsapp their perspectives. On numerous events, I have played the ideal spoilsport by essentially expressing that I have no ‘cracking piece of information’ about what they are discussing. In spite of such lack of concern, I have really watched Bigg Boss! Yes, I was not the 90-day marathon runner but rather did the incidental sprints.
Sadly, this year I couldn’t finish the 100 meter walk, when I was hoping to passage vastly improved than my past trips. Things being what they are, what truly turned out badly? For the current year, it was Bigg Boss Double Trouble at 10.30pm. The title recommended more battles and the new time space implied at more voyeurism or masala as you most likely are aware it! (in the event that anybody felt something else, please don’t hesitate to voice your suppositions).