The festival of colors is just right here but don’t let colors spoil your skin and hair. From pre-Holi to post-Holi, here is the complete list of tips to protect your skin and hair from the harmful effects of colors:



Before you step out of your home to play Holi, make sure you have enough protection against the colors. Apply coconut/almond/olive oil on your whole body as well as onto your hair. Holi is not a festival for showing off different hairstyles, you can simply carry braid or bun to protect your hair from profound damage. Wear old and comfortable clothes. Apply dark nail-paint on your nails to protect your nails. Sun protection is also important, so, instead of oil, you can use waterproof sunscreen onto your whole body. Don’t forget your earlobes, cover them as well.

Post- Holi:


To remove colors from body and hair, use shampoo and body wash which are free from Parabens. Don’t rub harshly because after playing with colors, skin can become dry like anything. After the colors are removed, apply a good amount of moisturizer onto skin. Don’t forget to condition your hair after shampoo.

Note: Don’t put colors on animals, it is not a festival for them, instead, the colors will irritate their skin and will cause itching. Don’t harm them for your entertainment, be a human.

Kindly, don’t put colors on them!


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