Honest Review Of Kapoor and Sons

Honest Review Kapoor & Son
Kapoor & Sons

Kapoor & Sons is a journey of full emotions & drama within a family which one can relate with themselves. Its a story of a family which show the ups & downs in their relationship. Siddhart As Arjun and Fawad Khan As Rahul shows the sweet and bitter relationship of siblings. And we can’t forget Alia Bhatt as Tia too, she played a part of a fun loving character in the first half, and in second half she played a matured role. Its a full entertaining movie which bonds you from starting to the end. The ups & down of relationships between the members of family can be relate-able.

I will give 3.5 star out of 5 for the movie and .5 star extra for Fawad Khan 

If you haven’t noticed Fawad Khan still now, you can see his skills of acting in this movie, he was totally into the character and beat Siddhart and Alia as actors. Its a beautiful movie, which is rare and you can identify your family in Kapoor & Sons.

Fawad Khan is Spectacular
Fawad Khan is Spectacular

Kapoor & Sons is a family Movie you must go and enjoy with your whole family

Kapoor & son is a family movie
Kapoor & son is a family movie

Movie start with Fawad aka Rahul the elder brother of Arjun Aka Siddhart. They both lived abroad and got a call from their parents that their grandfather got a heart attack and want to see them before he die. Their parents Ratna Pathak and Rajat Kapoor plays an honest role of a couple who stays in Coonoor, a beautiful hill station  in Tamil Nadu, then Rishi Kapoor  as Grandpaa was actually an awesome character entered. Rishi Kapoor (Daddu) bond the whole movie together. Alia aka Tia a fun loving girl who was lil confused in first half between Rahul and Arjun. Fawad played a character of a responsible elder brother from the starting and Siddhart played an young brother, who was insecure and used to fight all the time with his elder brother.  

For more you can go and watch the movie. 🙂


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