Hello Foodies!

If you are a beginner at cooking or can’t cook at all (like me, haha!) then you definitely gotta watch the videos containing recipes by this new and talented YouTube channel owner Rinku Ghosh!

Rinku Ghosh

I love eating but don’t like to cook but there are times when I have to make something for myself to eat in the middle of the night or when nobody is at home. So, I spend hours on google to search easy and simple recipes that I can make quickly but can’t really make something. But then, luckily, I found this really amazing new cooking channel by Rinku Ghosh named Rinku’s Kitchen¬†on YouTube.

**Bonus points of Rinku’s Kitchen**

  1. The language used in the videos is Hindi and also has English subtitles.
  2. The talented woman who is cooking is a Bong. (that means, tasty food for sure!)
  3. She uploads videos for both vegetarian and non-vegetarian people. (Good news, isn’t it?)
  4. She is currently cooking Indian cuisine but soon will start uploading other categories of food too.
  5. Her videos are short yet informative. (Best part)
  6. She uploads quite frequently. (more recipes in short period of time!)
  7. I love the YouTube cover pictures of her videos, the most. They are so cute!
  8. If you want to learn new recipes from her, just comment under any of her YouTube videos and she will upload the recipe as soon as she can.

Watch the latest video from her channel below:

Easy, isn’t it? So, what are you waiting for? Go, watch and subscribe to her channel. I know you must be hungry by now!

Don’t forget to share this new channel with your friends and family and help her channel gain more popularity because she deserves it and she is really talented!

Get more recipes:

Find the channel link below:

Channel link- https://m.youtube.com/channel/UC52PHt2_-5PEARLnO4yuUjQ