I have some funny experiences which I would loved to share:

From my childhood I was curious about gods(now god). I always used to listen the story of Rama and Krishna, I used to loved that. As I was growing up somewhere I believed that there is either one supreme power or no one. I became atheist eventually, I just used to enjoy the festival. In year 2011 I shifted alone in a PG, I used to get scared a lot, a pandit and his family used to live beside my apartment. Pandit ji told to learn Hanuman chalisha when I get scared. Then his wife told me to worship Sarasvati for studies, Laxmi for getting money in abundant, Ganesh for Good luck, Shani to protect from nuisance and Shiva to get a good husband. I started worshiping them blindly as all did. Secret is that I have kept 9 Thursdays fast for Sai baba, exactly what I don’t know,but I became ill. That’s not the point. Point is the religion I was trying to hold was unable to keep within it.

Polytheism Distracted, devastated and was becoming a rebel in between. I have searched about Christianity and Baptism. Christian says Jesus Christ (peace be upon him) is a god(son of god). But Christ never ever mentioned himself as god, he said give your faith on God(lord),he never said “have faith in me”, which cleared that Jesus was not god. Neither of Rama and Krishna were Gods, nor the scriptures mentioned that they created the universe. The scriptures of Bible and the scriptures of Hindu have changed several times by several people in the past by some great people. But remember words of gods or message of Almighty or such book if edited by any human, he will also put his own emotions within it. Anyways I was an atheist because unable to get connected with the spiritualism, the motive of life, because all religion mentioned that there is a life after death, this is not the life, which we are thinking that it is. We became more selfish, materialistic, cruel, heartless by putting the blame on others and committing sins like nobody is watching us. Some sort of problems in my life made me an atheist until I came to know about ALLAH (Islam and One god).

Islam was only religious to which i never tried to explore in my entire life. Because we all hate it due to terrorism and other social factors. What I taught  since my childhood was they are bad people, stay away from them. I did in my entire life. Even if a Muslim guys if tried to talk to me I refused them every time, because I know they are bad, I can’t befriend with them neither more than that. Though i had few classmate and roommates who were friends “so called friends” who were Muslims but never seen them with respect.

Eventually I don’t know when but last year I started researching about Islam after listening one beautiful du’a. And I am a curious person, when something ticked my mind, I keep researching on that until I get any answer. So, in Islam I found that prophet (SAW) the messenger of Almighty, the Quran and Hadiths.

Islam says there is no god but Allah(which means god only in Arabic) and Muhammad (peace be upon him) is the messenger of Allah. Allah is the creator of Entire universe, the single power, the supreme power I was looking for. I have been tired of those idols, which could not protect itself, how it suppose to protect us?? Quran mentioned Jesus, Moses and Yusuf too as Allah’s Messenger.

Monotheism Moreover the more I know Islam, the more calm I become . I am happy and content with whatever I have. A religion which thought us to help one in need, do charity its compulsory, take care of your parents, do not indulge in fornication, be gentle on other creatures, be truthful, be gentle, stay humble and pray.

While I was writing exam today, I started with Bismillah (with the name of Allah I start) because I used to write OM in corner of my exam sheet before starting. When I got scared about  I read Aytul kurshi instead of Hanuman Chalisha. Thanking Allah for the food and saying Bismillah before started eating.

For Food, for money, for sorrows, for happiness, for better life partner, for everything now I have to dial only one now *Allah*. Problems of life sort out, Allah is a one stop destination for everything. I don’t have to dial different No for different problems.

Since Allah came to my life, I am having no problems with it. I am spiritually happy,emotionally strong and mentally prepared that this world is a test and I have to pass.

First problem is convincing the family about my decision as I have told them peacefully my choice for opting Islam. They are not opposing me in that way. But I am happy with my religion so they are with theirs. So, please be happy with your own religion and let me be happy with mine 🙂

Bottom line is: At the end you chose peace of your heart, mind and soul !

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