Love is incurable anxiety that dragged you within unknowingly !


Love is incurable

Love is  incurable disease that dragged you within unknowingly ! With time you lose your senses, your mind will blocked, you will be blind and all absurd affairs will happen to you, and guess what? You are still happy with all these.


Love will unplug the Firdous (Heavenly world) in the earthly environment, where you are just obsessed with the thoughts of your beloved. His/Her presence blooms you, absence tears you down. With him time stops, without him you die to see him every moment. You are so obsessed with him in your thoughts that wherever you see, you saw him. Sometime his thoughts will play hide & seek and you will shattered with insecurities. Though you know all these are not normal but believe me you are now infected with the most powerful feeling which can change the entire world.


Sometime you start smiling like a mad person with his thoughts and at the very next moment tears roll down from your eyes. You don’t want this right? But it will drag you more within it with time, like an infinite loop will take you to the end. One day will come into your life where the colors of your life seems useless without him.
Nothing can replace him, believe me! Even a person who look exactly same can’t quench your thirst. Your thirst will increase day by day like a panting dog. Money, luxuries, lust or anything will be incapable of stopping the thirst & wish for him.  For the world you became a useless fellow but who care about the damn world? You are far away from the advanced world and it will connect you to the creator. For the world you are a distracted person, but for you he is a creation of that beautiful creator whom you love effortlessly.


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Even the flaws of your beloved seems so flawless, he is damn perfect in your eyes. This is the most incurable in which you been dragged in unknowingly unconditionally.