Never Regret about The Past – Debo


The Past :Don’t regret about for what you are and who you are today!

The past: Don’t regret about the past.Maybe things gone wrong, bad, even worse in the past. It happens with everyone, you are not only the one. But it’s what that shapes you and makes you who you are today. You are more stronger & better than yesterday.

And your worst experience ensures that you will never face them again, because you built an antidote for that problem you’ve faced before, if not, you will be strong enough to handle such problems if it happens again. Never think “why you?”. If there is a life, there will be problems which the creator has given to testify you and to make you better. At the end you are alive and have a beautiful world around, if you it’s not like that then make it beautiful. Beauty lies within you, not outside. Why to complicate this small life?

Wait for love
Wait for the real love don’t rush

In your past, if you’ve broken up with your girlfriend or boyfriend and you are unhappy and regretting about that, don’t do so.. A relationship where you’ve failed to love, to understand, was not the real destination. Someone who deserves you will come to you, one day. And never lose a person who really does care, sometime we forget the milk in the milk shake while enjoying the frills on it.

Broken marriages are not final destiny
Broken marriages are not final destiny wait for the bright new sun

If you have faced a divorce in your past, which was the worst part of your life, it hurts badly but try to come out of that situation. It’s may not your fault, sometimes things mismatched, misshapen. It doesn’t proves that you’re a bad partner, it was just a wrong time with wrong person. Forget and move forward, look forward for your dreams and family. Don’t rush for a new relation, take your time, learn from your past and don’t make the old mistakes again.

If you’ve lost a close person due to death it’s the most painful situation of human life. But life and death are uncertain because god have that key and the person who is gone now would never want you to cry or be upset remembering them, they just want your happiness. So, thinking that it was their last wish to see you happy always, live for them, happily.

Life is blessing of god
Life is blessing of god

If you have a quarrel/fight with your family or a close friend in your past, say sorry to them, because some relationships are worth keeping and try not to lose them due to certain misunderstanding and clashes. Love and spread love. That’s all we are suppose to do in this world.

If you have faced a loss in your business or facing financial crisis, don’t worry you are alive and that’s enough to re-live and re-create the success. Don’t forget: Money is made for humans, humans are not made for money.

If you’ve failed in any project which you have started with full zest, don’t worry just don’t lose hope, keep on trying until you are perfect. The day when you’ll become perfect, nobody’s gonna beat you, you will bleed success. Perfection doesn’t come in first chance. Opportunities and people comes and go. Only the real and deserving stays till the end. So catch them or choose them wisely. Even an owl only feeds the strongest owlet among all her kids. And this world supports the strongest first. Mishaps only makes you better than before, even more stronger, wiser and tough.

Motivational thoughts
Motivational thoughts

So never regret about the past! Be proud that you’ve faced them and you are still alive like a champion and live in the world in a better way with a better you❤