Are you really living your Life?- Dipa Biswas


Humanity, what is it?

One may say: It means doing something good. Other may say: It’s the act of kindness. But no, just in case you mix up the definition of kindness with humanity, you need to know that humanity is not just kindness. Humanity is basically the quality of a human: things that makes us a human, a good human.


A very popular saying states that: “Money can’t buy happiness”.
Fact is: Most of you will disagree to this and say money do buy happiness. But have you ever made someone happy by a simple humanely gesture? Probably, No, that’s why you think money can buy happiness. Actually, it’s not necessary that the one with lots of money and luxury is happy from within and also not necessary that the poor one isn’t happy.


Being rich by heart is the key to happiness. Believe in giving and not in taking only.
Love everyone around you, they’ll all love you back. Don’t judge someone on the basis of their appearance because the one who’s very attractive can be cruel by heart and the one who isn’t can be a wonderful person. Don’t you love it when you meet a nice person? I know you all do. But what if you can’t find one? Answer is: Be the one.
Be the one that everyone loves to be with and if they talk about you in your absence, they will surely talk good.


Be happy every time, life will surely become tired of upsetting you, one day. If something makes you unhappy, have you ever thought, why?
Find the answer easily, you just need to analyze the whole day from waking up till the time you go to sleep at night. Analyze and ask yourself why you did that? Was that worth it? Wasn’t that amazing? How it happened?
You’ll surely get the answers and regret the bad things you did that day and be happy about the good ones. Always be positive and look at the brighter side of life…never let your negative thoughts ruin your happiness.


Love animals, they’ll definitely love you back and give you soooo much more than you gave them. If you don’t love them and like to be cruel to them, just ask yourself why you call them animals and not yourself?

Unconditional love.
Unconditional love.

Help the poor and needy. They’re not rich by money, but they’re rich by heart.


The best time to start being a humanely human is NOW.

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