A main entryway reported that Shah Rukh Khan’s Fan was in legal trouble due the script of the film. However, Yash Raj has invalidated cases of the film being a duplicate.


Shah Rukh Khan’s most foreseen film, Fan has been at the forefront of everybody’s thoughts since the time that the trailer of the film surfaced. Shah Rukh, one of the greatest Khans of the business has dependably figured out how to snare us to his movies because of his splendid acting. Regardless of what happens, this performing artist will dependably remain India’s top choice. At the point when the news of Maneesh Sharma’s Fan to have Shah Rukh stood out as truly newsworthy, everybody in a flash got energized in light of the fact that, Hello! it’s SRK all things considered! The film’s trailer too has been brilliantly brought with fans expressing that they are cheerful that the performing artist is back to doing quality movies. Truth be told, the film’s just melody, Jabra Fan or Fan Anthem turned into a gigantic hit.

It is still one of the best tunes, just f.y.i.! Be that as it may, while a ton have taken the film as a positive turn in SRK’s vocation, somebody appears to have an issue with the script of the film. Scriptwriter Mohan Kumar Nagar claims that the film is a duplicate of his story, Dummy. A main gateway reported this news where they additionally said that the scriptwriter has recorded a with Dindoshi court! Nagar asserts that the film’s story bears hitting similarity with his story that he had composed with film journalists relationship in 2009. The trailer of Fan is very like the script he had penned down. Truth be told, he even took to Facebook where he posted a message for Yash Raj movies soliciting them to uncover the name from the essayist. Mohan Kumar asked the creation house for what good reason name of the author wasn’t specified in the credits anyplace Although, he later erased the post later.

When we reached sources in the generation house, they asserted that the story is particularly unique and has been composed by Maneesh Sharma. The source said, “Fan is a unique story and the thought is something that has stayed with Maneesh for a long time and it’s a fantasy that has now been figured it out.” Does that imply that SRK’s eager venture won’t confront the brutality of court fights? What are your contemplations on it? Let us know in the remarks area beneath!