Power of Social media

Social Media
Social Media Influencer

You should the know the power of Social Media in these era of Digitization. And Already Mr. Narendra Modi is promoting Digital India. Where he have one aim to connect the people through internet and make them computer educated. Today’s generation is totally dependent upon internet for their studies, communication, shopping or hobbies etc. Social Media is connecting the world on your fingertip.

One YouTube viral video can make you millionaire if you are aware of YOU TUBE and ad-sense marketing. One un-boxing video can make on the owner of $1.5 million.

Even you can have your own blog, media and channel to earn or just get hired and play like a rock star.

1. Social Media Influencer

Influencer mean to influence the audience to gather and engage the audience from social media. And you should be an expert in doing so, how to impact on the people and how to sell your products. To become one of them you should have expertise knowledge how to engage and gather audience on Facebook, Youtube,Twitter, Linkedin and Instagram. You can engage people through you unique and creative content and have good interpersonal skill with the audience, clients and other influencers.

Depending upon your skill you can easily earn $35,000 to $50,000.

2. Social Media Strategist

It’s a job how you integrate the business with different social media strategies. It need a experience of one or more year to know the analytics and algorithm of social media. Unlike Social Media Influencer a Social Media Strategist need to be expertise on different platform not just one.

  • Need to create different online strategies for different platform
  • Engaging people through online promotion
  • Coordinating with experts of social media
  • Analyzing the campaign through different tools

Average salary for this profile is $50,000 to $70,000 in the market.

3. Marketing consultant

A marketing consultant can work independently or for a consulting company. He/she must be expertise of market research of the industry, market, trends, of your clients. Should give the detailed report of marketing plan and plotting. Average Salary for a consultant is $57000 to $1,50, 000.

And when people will blame you being a social freak just tell them you can do better then their thoughts.